Blues Power

I’m making a Big Voodoo for Nathan Morgan.  For those of you who don’t listen to real music anymore, he’s the Nathan Morgan of the Nathan Morgan Trio.

Nathan’s got a Big Voodoo coming at him and I’m trying to put together something nice.

My only problem with this so far is that the text on the forehead and the text on the shank are the same size and the same typeface.  They’re so close that they could almost be read together from a 3/4 angle.   Might mean either the shank text or the forehead text has to change.

I need Nathan to weigh in on this.  Personally, I like the text big and bold on the shank.  The forehead text could be changed to a thinner line or make smaller.  Either way, it’s going to look great.  Hell, if Nathan likes it, it stays the way it is.

Days of the Dead Chain

Working on a new Days of the Dead chain for Tommy, this one without the open mouths.  Usually I do the Days of the Dead with an alternating, rotating skulls, but this time we’re going for a more condensed, even look.

All the bits for making the chain

Making a chain is like meditation for me.  You can’t rush it and you take one link at a time, all the way to the end.


Once all of these links are closed up I’m going to solder them shut and buff them down.

Tommy and I are going to hash over some ideas for the clasp.  Usually I do a bone through a skulls mouth, but in the interest of keeping things sleek, I’m gonna find a lobster claw solution.   More to com e later.

The Irishman

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So the Irishman is finished.  I’ve just finished this shamrock pendant via Maltese Cross on a ball chain.  I’ve made pendants before, but this one was a unique challenge.

The goal here was always to make a cool shamrock pendant that wasn’t as organic and soft as a lot of the Irish stuff out there.  This one obviously borrows heavily from the Maltese cross shape which has had the monopoly on kick-assedness for a while.

I sell a lot of rings, obviously, but most guys seem a little reluctant to wear bracelets.  I’m not sure what it is.  Fellas think they’re too feminine maybe.  I’ve seen some mighty smooth forearms on some guys and I guess I’d understand not wanting to put a dainty little silver thing on that, but for gentleman who can pull it off, consider the Gotham.

I’ve been making this bad boy for a while.  Yeah, its expensive.  You know why?  Because its fucking hard as shit to make and its heavy.  Lot of silver on this one.  Not a big clunky bracelet, though.  Its elegant.  But its solid.  For big and clunky, stay tuned for more updates on my infamous TCB bracelet.

A couple of mysteries.

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A client wanted the Mystery Cave without the eyes hollowed out.  This is his ring.

Honestly I think it works either way.  You can see them pictured below side by side.

John Sharp (the owner of the original Mystery Cave and the guy the ring was designed for) sent me an awesome quote from a pal of his.

“yeah, it’s crazy swank: just stylized enough to not look too “Harley” but also just on the tougher side of actually kinda cute.”

Sharp’s Mystery Cave is Finally Finished Hoooyah.


This is the very first Mystery Cave Skull designed specifically for game designer John Sharp.  Its finished in a medium gun metal finish and has “Fail Better” carved across the shank.  John is going to love this thing.

I’ve sold a few of these already and they’re not even on the site yet.  Retail price is going to be $190.  Feel free to pre-order and I’ll get to work on yours right away.

This is a Beckett quote. “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Its not just bullshit for guys like John.  Its pretty much his entire creative process.  He’s a very creative dude and failing or “failing better” is about as good as any real artist can ever hope to get.

Finished Sugar Cat

I finished Becky’s Sugar cat today.  I’m happy with it.  This is the base of a Little Voodoo with some cat ears and the full sugar treatment.  That’s Arizona turquoise in the eyes.  Becky’s been in the South West for a few years, so it fits.

The “Velvet Sledgehammer” carving turned out well on the shank.  No complaints.

If any of you plan on getting punched by Becky in the near future, make sure you have a football helmet on because these ears are wicked.

King Skulls on Sale

Put the word out.  King Skulls are now $499.  It may only be 26 bucks cheaper, but I’m doing this to say “fuck you” to the rising price of silver and to show my clients and skull-ring brothers out there that I’m not going to be jacking my prices because of the silver increase.  I’ve had a good number of emails asking if prices are going to be going up and hopefully that answers your questions.

I’ll keep ’em down at 499 until the new website goes up.