Blues Power

I’m making a Big Voodoo for Nathan Morgan.  For those of you who don’t listen to real music anymore, he’s the Nathan Morgan of the Nathan Morgan Trio.

Nathan’s got a Big Voodoo coming at him and I’m trying to put together something nice.

My only problem with this so far is that the text on the forehead and the text on the shank are the same size and the same typeface.  They’re so close that they could almost be read together from a 3/4 angle.   Might mean either the shank text or the forehead text has to change.

I need Nathan to weigh in on this.  Personally, I like the text big and bold on the shank.  The forehead text could be changed to a thinner line or make smaller.  Either way, it’s going to look great.  Hell, if Nathan likes it, it stays the way it is.