The Irishman

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So the Irishman is finished.  I’ve just finished this shamrock pendant via Maltese Cross on a ball chain.  I’ve made pendants before, but this one was a unique challenge.

The goal here was always to make a cool shamrock pendant that wasn’t as organic and soft as a lot of the Irish stuff out there.  This one obviously borrows heavily from the Maltese cross shape which has had the monopoly on kick-assedness for a while.

I sell a lot of rings, obviously, but most guys seem a little reluctant to wear bracelets.  I’m not sure what it is.  Fellas think they’re too feminine maybe.  I’ve seen some mighty smooth forearms on some guys and I guess I’d understand not wanting to put a dainty little silver thing on that, but for gentleman who can pull it off, consider the Gotham.

I’ve been making this bad boy for a while.  Yeah, its expensive.  You know why?  Because its fucking hard as shit to make and its heavy.  Lot of silver on this one.  Not a big clunky bracelet, though.  Its elegant.  But its solid.  For big and clunky, stay tuned for more updates on my infamous TCB bracelet.

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