Blackstone shanks

Just finished a skull and a Buddhist wheel on the sides of this bad boy.  Posting some progress pics along with marker placement of the “OM” text.

I was hoping I could fit more letters, but now that the wax is done, We can only fit about 5 characters on the shank.

Tim- drop me a line and let me know how we’re doing.

the Blackstone takes shape


Put in some hours on Tim’s custom stone ring.  The hard part is over.  This bad boy is sized, shaped, and ready for detail work.

Doing his kind of ring takes a lot of precision.  We’re not doing a straight square stone either.  The stone Tim has picked has rounded corners.

Tim also doesn’t want this ring to be a big clunker, so I’m taking care to keep the size down.


Doing a from-scratch custom ring like this takes a lot of time, but the heart of the ring is pretty much figured out at this point.  More to come.  Stay tuned.

This and That

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Wrapped up two new projects – custom pieces for Travis and Bianca.   You should be able to tell who got what.

Sterling silver keychain.  Day of the Dead style.  Going to have to make myself one of these, I think.

Women’s bracelet.  I think that dangling pendant classes it up so it could be worn with a teeshirt and jeans or an evening gown.

I also got Tim’s stones in the shop for his custom ring.

Now we stil might end up with Onyx here, but these are some samples of dark granite that he might dig as well.  Let me know what you think, brother.  Im partial to the middle one, I think.