XXX Voodoo

This wasn’t an entirely elaborate piece, but I liked it.  I just dug how simple the concept was.  I didn’t even ask any questions about it.  Just decided to carve it up.


Lot of shank carving recently.  I dig it.  Why carve something important on the INSIDE of the freakin’ ring?  Put it out there so people can see it.

Jim and the Army of Skulls

Jim has gone all in.  Full commitment.  He’s got some very lucky friends and family.  First of all, Jim clearly understands the value of custom work.  Second, he values the people around him enough to  order

not one…

not two…

not three……

but SIX rings.  All of them tricked out with some great detail and typeface on the shank.



There’s one of ’em right there ^^^.

So stay tuned.  I’ve got a LOT of filing to do.

Richie’s got things figured out….

Richie ordered my “Full Right Hand” deal.  That’s a Big Voodoo and a Days of the Dead bracelet packaged up together at a discount.  Smart move.  Smarter still, Richie ordered a hand-painted custom patina on the bracelet and I thought it was a brilliant fucking idea.

We’re going with black skulls, silver teeth, and silver jump-rings.  This, like all patinas, will gradually scrape away into a hi-polish finish.  What a slick piece.

This took a long time to paint and polish, but it was worth it.  Looks good on the hand too.

Anyway, enjoy the pieces, brother.  You’ve been a patient man and a great client.

Busy Little Bastard

That’s me.  Damn I’m busy.

I was underwater all through the holidays and now that we’re moving through early February into Valentine’s day, i’ve got a whole new batch of orders coming in.   Basically I’ve been swamped for 2 months straight.

My hands are hamburger from metalworking.  I’m bleeding all over my tax forms.

I’ve been able to keep my prices pretty low for custom work.  Most places are tacking on massive fees to their pieces.  It isn’t crazy to spend well over 500 bucks for a small custom ring now days.  Hey, silver prices are poppin’ and on top of that, skulls are getting hotter and hotter.

So the bad news is that the Little Voodoo Classic is going UP in price.  Current tag is 150 and we’re jumping up to 175 for this piece.    For anyone who happens to think that’s too expensive, you’ve got until Valentines Day to order your ring at the 150 pricetag.

Look at that little guy.  Awww, he’s getting all grown up.

The GOOD news is that 175 is still an excellent price for custom precious metal work.  If you don’t think so, you don’t get out much.

Keith’s Gypsy Eyes

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Keith ordered a Mystery Cave from me.  These rings have been insanely popular thus far and I’ve made quite a few with different variations, but Keith wanted to know what it would look like with  the eyes left bright silver instead of the usual patina black.  Soooooo, here it is.  Let me know what you think, pal.