The Mayan in Silver

I finished up Shawn’s commissioned piece this morning.   The slider Mayan pendant.

The chain was provided by Shawn, not one of my own.  He had a certain chain in mind and I actually designed the pendant to fit the style of the chain.

Hopefully it will please.    The website is DAYS away from being updated.  Thanks to Mason for helping out with that.  Stay tuned everyone.




Shawn’s Rings on a Ring

I was finally able to finish Shawn’s Big Voodoo with the rings on the forehead.  I was initially concerned that the rings would “clean up” the ring a bit too much.  The BVD is supposed to be wild and crazy, after all.


Like the series 1 Little Voodoo, I’m getting about to the end of the first run of Big Voodoo Rings.  I’ve done a lot of them and  I liked this one in particular because the design is so simple.   The rings have a little bit of dimensionality as you can see.  Also, I finished the rings with rough gunmetal instead of hi-polish.



Waxes for Shawn and Ian and a Game Design Update


I’ve made some good progress on Shawn’s 3 ring Big Voodoo as well as Ian’s Cow Clicker Skull.  It may not look like much, but Shawn’s wax will be ready to cast by Monday.

Rather than carve the rings direction into the forehead of the skull, I’m going to carve it separately and set the metal like a gemstone.  The skull itself will be hi-polish silver, but the rings tile will be a blackened, aged finish.  Should look great.

Ian’s two-headed cow conundrum has been combined into a ring that I am MUCH happier with.

I’m still working on skullifying this f’er and Ian and I still have some talking to do about the ears.   Hope to finish this wax next week as well.

I’m also pleased to say that I’ve finished the master-wax for the Game Design class ring.  This wax will be duplicated into lots of waxes so I can further customize for each of my clients.  Still a lot of work to go, but the end is in sight.

Ian’s Eyes and Shawn’s Big Voodoo

More progress on Ian’s wax.

Ian, let me know what you think of the eye placement.   I can go small and beady like the image or I can make them larger and more skull-like.   Once we get those settled I’ll know how big I can make the ears.

Meanwhile, Shawn – an artist for Marvel and Oni – is getting two pieces made.  I can’t show one of them, because its kind of a surprise gift for a friend of his.  The other piece is a Big Voodoo with three concentric circles on the forehead.

This piece just needs more.  Maybe Shawn’s a minimalist, but I’m wondering if the rings should be dimensional instead of simply carved into the forehead.  I could take a cylinder of was like this:

…and cut it like a loaf of cookie dough to get a nice bullseye shape to set like a gemstone in the forehead of the skull.  I suppose it depends on how sleek Shawn wants this bad boy to be.  Shawn, let me know what you think.  Also, what kind of attitude should this skull have?

Now I obviously can’t shoot the surprise gift he’s commissioned,  but I can tell you its going to get made from this pendant wax that I never finished.  I started making this for a client who changed his mind halfway through and went in a different direction with a ring.

It would have been fun to finish, but it’s almost the exact width and shape for what I’m going to do next.  I’ll post images of the finished piece once I hear from Shawn that he’s given it to the lucky sonofabitch.  Shawn, I also forgot to ask you if you wanted any gemstones involved.

Finally going to be getting away from just a bunch of pictures of waxes and start posting some METAL next week.  I’m expecting to finish Mike’s Japanese ring, the massive Boss Voodoo as well as that Blues Power Ring for the Nathan Morgan Trio.  Stay tuned.