I’m an artist, animator and designer of custom jewelry. This is my studio blog, where I update my clients on cool projects or new products. You can reach me at matt@mtmaloney.com or visit http://www.mtmaloney.com for more information about my work.  I’m also on twitter @MT_Maloney and I have a Tumblr account somewhere.


One thought on “About

  1. Please email me the quote I read from a post I read on the moronosphere site , it was THE best way I ever heard about the wearing of a skull ring. I always knew it , but you put it in words that when I read it I simply said “right Fuckin on” …. it read – ” first ask yourself if … it is a symbol of … ” I want to post this on my FB page crediting you of coarse. I am a collector of the best customs and a future client of yours .- sincerly , Joe in JACKSONVILLE NC.

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