Sharp’s Mystery Cave is Finally Finished Hoooyah.


This is the very first Mystery Cave Skull designed specifically for game designer John Sharp.  Its finished in a medium gun metal finish and has “Fail Better” carved across the shank.  John is going to love this thing.

I’ve sold a few of these already and they’re not even on the site yet.  Retail price is going to be $190.  Feel free to pre-order and I’ll get to work on yours right away.

This is a Beckett quote. “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Its not just bullshit for guys like John.  Its pretty much his entire creative process.  He’s a very creative dude and failing or “failing better” is about as good as any real artist can ever hope to get.

Mystery Cave part 3

Finished the wax last week.  Ready to be sprued up and cast.

I’ve already had two additional orders for these.  They’ll be for sale on my site soon.  John has custom carving on his.  “Fail Better,” it says.  Very slick.

Mystery Cave part two

Wax.  Here are some shots of me as I layout the mystery cave.  I didn’t sketch this one.  I just worked on the wax while looking at the animated short I stole the idea from.

You see all that green shit everywhere?  That’s wax.  I swear that stuff is impossible to clean up.  Its in my lungs, in my beard, all over my studio…. Its worse than the freakin’ silver dust.  You would not believe the amount of this crap that gets generated while working on a single ring.  I should switch to computer-designed stuff.


Mystery Cave for @jofsharp

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I’m going to try to detail the creative process of a ring I’m making for game designer John Sharp. This ring will eventually be for sale on my site. It’s called the “Mystery Cave” after the style of skull that appears in the mystery cave in Max Fleischer’ Snow White short. Very round, very minimal, very punk.

You can see the skull very tiny in the lower right corner of the screen.

It’s strange where ideas come from.  There are many custom jewelry designers out there.  If we all just fed on each other, all of our shit would look the same.  You’ve got to get outside of your medium and see what’s out there.