Euclid’s Problem

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I’ve started a fantastic King Skull piece for Kurt.  Kurt’s got some incredible ideas for this ring using Euclid’s problem and some Masonic imagery.


Now I love all my clients, okay?  I really do.  However it is so awesome when I actually get a client who can draw and draw his BALLS off.

Kurt isn’t just a visual artist, the man is one of the most talented tattoo artists I’ve run into.   He’s got a website with an amazing gallery.


What does this mean?  It means he can illustrate (obviously) but he also really understands how images wrap around sculptural planes.  Because of this, he knows EXACTLY how to wrap his imagery around a skull.  This is his sketch:


If you told me I’d be able to incorporate a staircase into the side of this skull, I’d have said it would look like shit.  However Kurt supplies a drawing like this and shows exactly how that staircase should be integrated.  Makes my job easy.  What we’re going to end up with here is a beautiful sculptural skull ring.

So here we go: the markered up version….


And here’s the first pass of carving.  I actually made the eye in the center of the Euclid shape somewhat dimensional.  It’s recessed and will be rounded.


Kurt also wants the size of the eyes brought down a bit, so I’m on that.  I’ll have to use a blue wax and it won’t quite look right as a wax photo so I thought I’d shoot this first.  I’m going to move on to the staircase next.  Stay tuned!

Man Day

This Saturday is Man Day in Atlanta.  You bet.  Russ Abbott and the cowboys over at Ink and Dagger Tattoo (the guys who’ve done all of my sleeve work) are hosting Man Day this weekend and yours truly is a humble contributing sponsor.  Check out their site at


Some lucky bastard is going to win several hundred dollars worth of credit at my joint by spinning the “wheel of destiny.”  To give you an idea of what this event is like, features include things like the Arm Wrestling Showdown, the Manliest Mustache Death Match, Sexiest Back Hair, and the famous Beer Gut Pageant.  So yeah, enjoy.  Get a tat while you’re there.