Boss of Bosses


Bunch of stuff coming off my bench this week.  A lot of classic skull rings and a few custom pieces.   First up is a custom Big Voodoo for Joe’s boss:


I ended up with a real gnarly grayish gunmetaly finish on this one.  Very cool.


Also had two new Hellions and a Boss Voodoo in progress, minus some gold teeth, blackening, and some setting work on those gemstones.

I’ve got a hell of a cool King Skull on order for Joe, who actually commissioned that Boss of Bosses Big Voodoo for his….boss….  Joe was a sea-going Marine and I’m jacked to start this King Skull for him.   Payment just cleared so I’ll be posting some sketches soon.

Hellions have arrived


Finished up the first batch of Hellions rings this weekend.  I owe you guys some better photos, but here’s what I have so far.




These guys have been a long time in the making and I think we’ve definitely hit ’em on the head.  They’re very raw and expressive – anything but sleek.   Everything I like about a skull ring.  Gold cigars, simulated ruby eyes and black onyx goggles.  Comfortable to wear too, despite being pretty large.  I did my best to balance the ring out and keep the shank soft and round inside.

Also finished the wax for Jonathan’s boss voodoo.  Check ‘er out.  Big lab emeralds in the eyes and all kinds of mass on the ring itself.  Gonna be HEAVY.




Closer to Hell

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I’m just about finished with the Hellions wax.  I’ve set the gemstone eyes and have sized the goggles on the head for the black onyx, which will be set after casting.


The gold sleeve for the cigar will be added after casting as well.   I’m really inspired by this bad boy.  I think it might be time for me to design a seriously bad-ass biker skull ring for general purchase.  This one is just for the Hellions.

Skull Ring Central


Put a whole bag of goods in the mail tonight.  Finished rings for Brian, Albert, and Matt.

First up was a Big Voodoo with a gunmetal brushed patina and silver teeth.  I can’t wait to see this one after it’s been worn for a bit.  Wicked.  I love a good gunmetal skull ring.  Feel like I should make myself one at some point.


Then I was able to finish up Albert’s Aztec ring.


This bad boy got a cool crackle-pattern around the eyes and that symbol Albert had sent me engraved on the forehead.



Every once and a while, I do a ring that’s hard to send away to its rightful owner and this was one of ’em.  Made it easier  that it has someone else’s name carved into the shank.


I was also able to get Brian’s Iron Cross Ring finished up.  Came out like a dream.  Glad to do a custom Little Voodoo again – especially one so classically customized.  How can you go wrong with an iron cross?



Thing is, I fuckin’ forgot that Brian wanted to investigate a possible black patina on this one.  Shit.  I guess it’s because the ring looked so freakin’ great with the high polish and black cross.  Well, I guess if he wants the patina, it’s on the house.  Send ‘er on back, Brian, if you don’t dig the high polish.   I wanted to keep this ring too…..

So having sold three perfectly good skull rings that I would have loved to have kept for myself, I decided to sooth myself by making a ring just for yours truly.  Well… least for now.  I’ll probably sell it when I wake up tomorrow and come to my senses.

And if this weren’t enough, I’ve got a whole new batch of skull rings coming up for that Hellions project.  I’ve had  a mold made of the master wax  and now we’re on to the individual rings for the officers.  Stay tuned: this one is going to be awesome.

Outta HELL

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More progress on the Hellions ring.  We got a big bike show coming up so I’m trucking on this one.

Got the hat done.  Cigar placeholder too.    I hope Trey and his guys are manly-men because this ring is f’king huge thus far.

Not only does it keep it’s badassedness from the front, but the right side of the skull (which is never seen in the drawing) actually looks great as well.  The hat is going to be left bald so that I can do custom insignia for the different officers of the club.

….aaand with the goggles.



Yeah, this is going to be one badass skull ring.

Raisin’ Hell


Got an order that I just had to throw up online because it’s right up my alley.  The Victoria chapter of the Hellions Motorcycle Club has commissioned rings for their officers and they have (wisely) come to me for this job.

They’ve got a logo:

Yeah, pretty badass.

Trey, the president, is working with me on the design and he’s already done two very, very smart things.

1.  He’s clear in what he wants and he booked a phone meeting to explain it to me.

2.  He trusts me with interpreting his design.

That logo is a 3/4 view drawing and it looks great, but to be honest I’ve never been a fan of 3/4 view rings.  A ring is a dimensional form, so if you want to see it from 3/4, turn it to the fucking side.  Yeah, see how that works?

Now it ain’t easy, but a good sculptor can translate a badass 3/4 view logo like the Hellions into a dimensional form that captures the essence of the drawing without betraying the natural 3-dimensionality of a form in space.

Another all-night sculpting session for me.  Happens when I’m excited about a project.  We have a long way to go, but you can see that the right side of the ring is starting to get closer to the drawing.

It gets better.

Trey wants a red gemstone in the eye and a golden cigar in the mouth.  Oh hell yeah.


You can see that the jaw is a little stronger on the sculpt than in the drawing, so I’ll probably take that down a bit more.  The marker on the forehead is my placement for the bottom of the hat.

Sorry, but this bad boy is exclusive to the motorcycle club.  If you want one, I guess you’ll have to go visit Trey and prospect up.