Sharp’s Mystery Cave is Finally Finished Hoooyah.


This is the very first Mystery Cave Skull designed specifically for game designer John Sharp.  Its finished in a medium gun metal finish and has “Fail Better” carved across the shank.  John is going to love this thing.

I’ve sold a few of these already and they’re not even on the site yet.  Retail price is going to be $190.  Feel free to pre-order and I’ll get to work on yours right away.

This is a Beckett quote. “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Its not just bullshit for guys like John.  Its pretty much his entire creative process.  He’s a very creative dude and failing or “failing better” is about as good as any real artist can ever hope to get.

2 thoughts on “Sharp’s Mystery Cave is Finally Finished Hoooyah.

  1. I showed this to my daughter Olivia today – she said “Oh! That’s from the Betty Boop Snow White! I love that cartoon!”

    And then she proceeded to beg for the ring. Which I’ll be ordering from you pretty soon. B^)

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