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I’m always going to be a skullring maker.  I was making skulls before the big Alexander McQueen thing and I’ll be making them long after the mainstream has moved on to whatever the hell else they become distracted by leaving only the true diehards, existentialists, badasses, creatives,  misanthropes and maniacs that make up my favorite client list.

That being said, when a client of mine orders something OTHER than a straight skull, I’m always a little thrilled.  Tim has ordered a classic square-stoned silver ring from me and it’s ON .

This is the type of ring we’re talking about.  Tim wants something classic like this, but with a darker twist.  We’re looking for the ultimate stone for this bad boy.  Something dark, but with some character.

Fuck black onyx.

Not that onyx isn’t a great stone, but not for this ring.  We need something with a bit more depth.  Black granite?  Horn?  I don’t know.  Still doing some research.  Onyx can be awesome but in the wrong ring, it just looks like black glass or enamel.  A ring like this is about the field of the stone and that field needs some color variance.

I whipped up some sketches this weekend and here’s what Tim and I decided on:

This isn’t going to be a big clunker ring.  We’re doing it old school.  Classic.

Not a hollow backed ring either.  If you’ve been following by blog and haven’t heard me talk about it already, let’s just say I’m as big a fan of hollow-backed rings as I am temporary tattoos or plastic barware.



Benny and his iron

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Got  a cool shot sent back to me from Benny and his Carpe Noctem Big Voodoo.

That’s the thing about people who wear skull rings.  You can look at their eyes and see if it’s affectation or if it’s a true manifestation of their world-view.  This fella and the skull ring are practically one.

Jillian is another example with her kick-ass dog rescue ring.  So is Jim.

Wear ’em with pride.

Carpe Noctem in SILVAH


Okay, so I haven’t been posting as much as I should.  Get’s to a point when you’re either talking about doing it or ACTUALLY doing it and I have to admit I’ve been a little too busy for jawin’.

I did finish up Benny’s ring and I wanted to throw up a few pics.

It’s hard to capture just how badass these Big Voodoos with the full shank script carving look.   No reason in the world why the ring shouldn’t be considered from every angle when you’re coming up with a design, right?  Sure you only see the front when it’s on your finger, but what’s the first thing you do when someone asks about your ring?  You take the F’er off and hand it to them, right?  Why shouldn’t it hold up under scrutiny from different angles.

I hope Benny is happy with this one.  It’s a true piece of wearable sculpture.