Client shots

Jassen sent me a shot of his Crow Skull recently.  He ordered a custom finish on his piece which is now wearing to one of the coolest finishes I’ve ever seen.

Thing looks like it was unearthed from Conan’s tomb.  Righteous.  This is why the black finishes are so cool.

Also, Mike sent me some shots of his Bushido Ring hard at work in the audio control room.

You guys take nice pictures.



Jassen’s Crow

Jassen has hit me up for a Big Voodoo customized with crow imagery. Guy runs a website called The Bag and the Crow which is all about horror films. Right up my alley. The Crow has a lot of personal imagery for the guy which I won’t go into here, but needless to say its meaningful.

I was thinking about using a crow silhouette on the forehead with feather’s on either side of the skull.

Jassen and I talked it over and agreed on a final design.  He wanted a dark gunmetal as well.  Crows are black, after all.

I wanted to do the sides of the ring out of these 3d feathers.  It worked, but made the ring stand off of the hand a little too much.   I went back in and reduced the count a little bit to get something more workable.

A crow on the forehead was the low-hanging fruit.  It looked excellent, but I wanted to make sure Jassen wasn’t up for something a little more interpretive so I sent him options.

He fucking hated the one on the right, so we went with the crow on the left.  I agree that it works great and it’s probably the best fit for his theme.

the finished wax

And it looked great with the finish.

This was one of those rings I wish I could have kept for myself.  But I sent it off to him.  Jassen was cool enough to send me a photo back.  Not enough clients do that.  Maybe they think I’m not interested, but truth is I like seeing them being worn by the people they were built for.

the last thing you'd see before you wake up with a crow stamped on your forehead.