Finished Sugar Cat

I finished Becky’s Sugar cat today.  I’m happy with it.  This is the base of a Little Voodoo with some cat ears and the full sugar treatment.  That’s Arizona turquoise in the eyes.  Becky’s been in the South West for a few years, so it fits.

The “Velvet Sledgehammer” carving turned out well on the shank.  No complaints.

If any of you plan on getting punched by Becky in the near future, make sure you have a football helmet on because these ears are wicked.

Becky’s Sugar Cat

Becky is a producer and animator out of New York city who’s now here in the big ATL working her artistic voodoo and teaching young artists how to do the same.  You’d look at her and think she’s real nice, but she has a nickname.  The Velvet Sledgehammer.  Get the idea?

I’m designing a sugar cat skull for her with the appropriate words on the shank.  She’s given me total free reign to design this sucker so I’m going all out.

I’ve comfort fit the inside for her.  The shank is set forward as well so the ears wont even touch her other fingers.

This is an example of how flexible the Little Voodoo frame can be.