Mystery Cave for @jofsharp

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I’m going to try to detail the creative process of a ring I’m making for game designer John Sharp. This ring will eventually be for sale on my site. It’s called the “Mystery Cave” after the style of skull that appears in the mystery cave in Max Fleischer’ Snow White short. Very round, very minimal, very punk.

You can see the skull very tiny in the lower right corner of the screen.

It’s strange where ideas come from.  There are many custom jewelry designers out there.  If we all just fed on each other, all of our shit would look the same.  You’ve got to get outside of your medium and see what’s out there.


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  1. My kids were pretty much raised on Max Fleischer. The influence this had on my daughter’s artwork cannot be over-stated.

    Fleischer – and the people he worked with – were utter geniuses. It’s about as good a source for ideas as one could come up with.

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