Skull Ring Central


Put a whole bag of goods in the mail tonight.  Finished rings for Brian, Albert, and Matt.

First up was a Big Voodoo with a gunmetal brushed patina and silver teeth.  I can’t wait to see this one after it’s been worn for a bit.  Wicked.  I love a good gunmetal skull ring.  Feel like I should make myself one at some point.


Then I was able to finish up Albert’s Aztec ring.


This bad boy got a cool crackle-pattern around the eyes and that symbol Albert had sent me engraved on the forehead.



Every once and a while, I do a ring that’s hard to send away to its rightful owner and this was one of ’em.  Made it easier  that it has someone else’s name carved into the shank.


I was also able to get Brian’s Iron Cross Ring finished up.  Came out like a dream.  Glad to do a custom Little Voodoo again – especially one so classically customized.  How can you go wrong with an iron cross?



Thing is, I fuckin’ forgot that Brian wanted to investigate a possible black patina on this one.  Shit.  I guess it’s because the ring looked so freakin’ great with the high polish and black cross.  Well, I guess if he wants the patina, it’s on the house.  Send ‘er on back, Brian, if you don’t dig the high polish.   I wanted to keep this ring too…..

So having sold three perfectly good skull rings that I would have loved to have kept for myself, I decided to sooth myself by making a ring just for yours truly.  Well… least for now.  I’ll probably sell it when I wake up tomorrow and come to my senses.

And if this weren’t enough, I’ve got a whole new batch of skull rings coming up for that Hellions project.  I’ve had  a mold made of the master wax  and now we’re on to the individual rings for the officers.  Stay tuned: this one is going to be awesome.