Boss of Bosses


Bunch of stuff coming off my bench this week.  A lot of classic skull rings and a few custom pieces.   First up is a custom Big Voodoo for Joe’s boss:


I ended up with a real gnarly grayish gunmetaly finish on this one.  Very cool.


Also had two new Hellions and a Boss Voodoo in progress, minus some gold teeth, blackening, and some setting work on those gemstones.

I’ve got a hell of a cool King Skull on order for Joe, who actually commissioned that Boss of Bosses Big Voodoo for his….boss….  Joe was a sea-going Marine and I’m jacked to start this King Skull for him.   Payment just cleared so I’ll be posting some sketches soon.

4 thoughts on “Boss of Bosses

  1. Yes indeed sir! Looks outstanding! And just Bill’s style. Being a former marine brother of mine …and still in the reserves, the gun metal is his style all the way has he’s still a gun slinger!

  2. i received my ring sat. it is fantastic a very comfortable ring to wear. i highly recommend mr maloney for custom skull rings.

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