Waxes for Shawn and Ian and a Game Design Update


I’ve made some good progress on Shawn’s 3 ring Big Voodoo as well as Ian’s Cow Clicker Skull.  It may not look like much, but Shawn’s wax will be ready to cast by Monday.

Rather than carve the rings direction into the forehead of the skull, I’m going to carve it separately and set the metal like a gemstone.  The skull itself will be hi-polish silver, but the rings tile will be a blackened, aged finish.  Should look great.

Ian’s two-headed cow conundrum has been combined into a ring that I am MUCH happier with.

I’m still working on skullifying this f’er and Ian and I still have some talking to do about the ears.   Hope to finish this wax next week as well.

I’m also pleased to say that I’ve finished the master-wax for the Game Design class ring.  This wax will be duplicated into lots of waxes so I can further customize for each of my clients.  Still a lot of work to go, but the end is in sight.

4 thoughts on “Waxes for Shawn and Ian and a Game Design Update

  1. Daniel, it will look exactly the same as the last photos because the differences are too subtle. I’ll post images of the wax copies when their done, though.

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