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The wait is over.  As of about 10am this morning, I’ve finished the first cast of the new Jupiter skull.  This is a sculpture for most people.  The ring is so massive and so heavy that only larger hands can deal with it.

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In fact, I won’t be offering the ring at smaller sizes.  I wanted this one to be a statement.  A skull ring for the skull ring connoisseur.   We’re talking about 36mm tall and about 3.35 ounces of solid sterling silver.

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It’s not a hollow-backed job either. (though in the case of this ring I’ll make an exception and do a hollow-back version IF requested.)  Standard issue on this bad boy is solid backed and thick-shanked.


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I happen to think he looks good with the brushed metal finish below, but high-polish is standard.

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Other good news?  The bottom jaw can be designed in various stages of opening when cast.  That means if you want YOUR Jupiter to have its mouth slightly open or screaming wide, I can carve it up that way.

The Jupiter will be released on the website in the next few weeks and will retail at $699, but I’m going to be running a special promotion for the month of August as a special “let’s get acquainted” for the new member of the skull ring family.   I’m going to sell the first 5 of these new Jupiters for $400 each plus shipping.

So that’s it.  The first 5 people to email me at matt@mtmaloney.com and place an order for this ring will get theirs for 400 bucks.



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