Ensos and Chains

Finished a semi-super-secret project.  No, not another skull ring.   That’s an enso pendant.

For those of you not familiar with it, it’s essentially a single brush-stroke image from Zen Buddhism.  I carved these guys by hand to look like the brush-stroke – trying to keep it very organic and fluid.

I’d seen other pendants like this online and if you ask me, they all suck.  And they’re expensive as hell.  I wanted to do one in sterling that really captured the brush style without looking overly rigid or machine-cut.

Want one?  Stay tuned and I’ll be letting you know how to get ’em.

Along with that, I had another late night in the studio working on waxes and a chain for my man Sid.  I’ve got a Days of the Dead coming together.   Before and after:

That isn’t done.  Still have to solder shut all of the rings, do a bit more sanding, tumble polish, blacken, and then re-polish by hand.  Sid doesn’t want any special finish or anything, so we’re just doing it up classic.