Joe’s Wheel of Chaos and more chaos



Holiday rush is on.  Let’s start with some new pics of Tim’s turquoise OM ring.


That’s a Buddhist knot on the other side of the shank.  This was the kind of piece that I immediately wanted to make for myself.  It’s heavy, well-balanced, and finished with brushed metal.


But that isn’t all.  I’ve also been hacking away at two rings for Joe, a sea-going Marine.  This bad boy was created in my standard sterling silver, but finished with a brand new darkmetal.  It looks like hematite.  Lighter and a bit more hi-polished than my gunmetal, I’m going to be offering this now as a finish option.


That’s a wheel of chaos formed into a sort of compass on the forehead.



Those are old-school anchors on the side and it reads BLBS on the back of the shank for “By Land By Sea.”  Now Joe hasn’t approved this finish yet, so we may be trying something a bit different on her after he gets a chance to check it out.

Here’s his second ring:

Mystery Cave, baby.   One of my favorite rings.

Speaking of Mystery Caves…….

I’m making a new lower-jawed mystery cave for Sue.  She’s already an owner of one of my Little Voodoos and she’s come back with an awesome idea for a ring.  Here’s the wax in progress.

I’m shaping that nose into a little heart.  We’re going to incoorporate some very strong sugar skull imagery into it without breaking up the clean lines of the skull.  Sue, drop me a line and let me know how we’re doing here.