Chained Up

Man, I’ve been busy.  Sooo many rings on the bench right now.  Clients have been super patient as I hammer these f’kers out like a madman.  Just finished two bracelets:  A Days of the Dead and a Gotham.

That “Days” is part of my Full Right Hand Special for Richie, who’s been waiting like a saint.  Bracelet is finally done, dude, and the ring is just about there.



As much time as chains take to make, they’re a lot of fun.  It’s a Zen thing.  I just sit there, linking silver together with chain-nose pliers, listening to music or half-assed watching a movie.   Usually a cigar involved.  One the sucker is mocked up, I solder all the links closed, tumble polish it to harden it up, blacken the recessed areas, and then hand polish for the final look.

Yeah, they take a long time to make, but that’s the beauty of it.  When you wear something like this, you can sort of appreciate it.  This isn’t one of those machine-made figaro chains, baby.