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  1. I find most of what I have seen that is your Work absolutely amazing and unique. I have recently had a personal Spiritual Awakening. I am in recovery.I need two things done and the most important one is An engagement ring.The other is a remake of a heart with wings but I want to add something more powerful in the heart. Love/ protection ?…! If you ever have any free time and could just email me back I would greatly appreciate it.I may have at least 7 of the heart pendants/ Rings made maybe both. The engagement ring is a one of a kind for my wife…….We just havent made it official and plan to Marry on Thanksgiving Day in 2014.Do hope to hear from you!!!!

    • Yeah, brother, I’m ready to talk about a custom engagement ring whenever you are. Best thing would be to drop me a line at matt@mtmaloney.com and send me as much detail as you possibly can (a sketch is even better) so I can get an idea of the kind of piece we’re going to make. Thinking a heart as a center piece and the wings wrapping around the shank?

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