Rock and Roll and a Caveman


I’ve started a new Big Voodoo for James.  James is a guitarist and we’re going to focus on rock and roll for this ring.

Nothing better than setting turquoise into a skull’s eyes.  We’re going to do big 8mm stones with some bitchin’ spiderweb pattern set into the eyes of this skull, which have been rounded out.

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 10.56.25 AM


We’ve put circles around the eyes as a subtle nudge towards the center of a guitar.

We’re also using a guitar pick shape on the forehead along with a treble clef.  I’m hoping James can take a look at this markered-up wax and let me know if we’re close.  We’ll deal with the sides of the skull ring next.  Thinking about doing a pattern around the side of the shank that resembles a Shure Microphone.

Also put some more hours into the Austro skull.   More and more, you can see that we’re looking a lot like those photo references.  That jaw is HUGE.

Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 8.37.54 PM

4 thoughts on “Rock and Roll and a Caveman

  1. You are all over it Maestro. The guitar pick shape with the treble clef inside is exactly what I had in mind. The old school microphone pattern is genius. You Rock. Other ideas included six vertical lines through the eye sockets getting thinner from left to right representing guitar strings with dots below like bridge pins. But I think the concentric circles representing a sound hole rosette is a better choice. Don’t want to get too busy looking. Right now it is clean and smooth and cool. – James.

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