Kurt’s Steel


Two posts in one night?  Wow.

Here’s Kurt’s kick-ass skull ring with full custom carving all over the surfaces.  This one is eventually going to get a gunmetal finish, but I had to post it in high polish just to show it off.






We’re going to do this one as a light gunmetal.  I’ll post the finished patina sometime over the weekend.  For now, let’s just bask in the freakin’ impossible-to-carve staircase that I put in this bad boy.


4 thoughts on “Kurt’s Steel

  1. Love the king skull ring. Your work I’m discovering on the blog and the way you talk about the interaction with your customers. Solid stuff.

  2. Are you booked solid for Christmas? My buddy wants a ring made for his girl. Its kind of simple. All it is is a standard band with ivy craved all the way around it…what’s the chances of scoring one?

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