Turqouise set






We’ve had a hard-reset on that signet ring I was working on.  The old wax was about an inch tall and Tim wanted to go a bit more compact so I had to start over.  Not complaining.  That’s what this process is all about.  Once it’s cast, we can’t do anything about that, but at this stage we still have a lot of flexibility.  Here’s the old wax:


It is kinda tall, right?  Here’s our new compact one:




I owe Dana Ruth a huge ‘thank you’ for selling me these square turquoise stones.  Damn, they’re hard to find.

I still have Tim’s old wax as well, so if anyone is looking for a square turquoise signet, I can do it at a discount since the base wax is already done.

Been busy.  Who knew skull rings were the gift of gifts for Xmas?  Can’t say I disagree.

Stay tuned for some righteous King Skullery.



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