Big Voodoo Sale


This is a Halloween treat.

I have a lot of followers on this blog who are asking me if I’d ever trade or sell them work at a discount.

I get it.  I know custom work is expensive.  I’m always railing against crap rings you can pickup on Ebay for less than 100 bucks that 10,000 other people own.  The alternative is to spend 200 bucks minimum on a hand-made custom job (which can go much higher if you want personalized work.)

SO I’m going to offer this ring at the ebay-price of 100 bucks with free shipping within the United States.  

This bad boy is a size 11.  I carved it up just to carve it up – no client for this one.  I debated keeping it, but I don’t have any fingers left for rings so I’m going to sell it at a discount.  I can probably upsize it to 12.

It’s carved up and very raw-looking.  Just the ticket for a Big Voodoo.  It’s a one of a kind as well.  No mould, no copies.  I’m sure there’s someone out there who is taylor made for this f’ker.

Now don’t go buying this with the intent to turn around and sell it.   You’d never be able to get anyone to bid on this on Ebay (remember you’ll be competing with cheaper, 45 dollar chinese junk.)   I want this to go to someone who’s always wanted to buy one and just hasn’t had the dough.

If you’re interested, email me.  Again, 100 bucks with shipping included to the US.  Size 11 or 12.

2 thoughts on “Big Voodoo Sale

  1. MM Cool looking would love it but I’m a 12.5 . Would look good with some turquoise eyes.

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