Turquoise and Zen


Got a new Buddhist ring in the works for Tim.   Fleshing out the wax based on a stone he selected.  Very cool-looking turquoise actually.


That’s a real pale stone with some badass black spiderwebbing in it.

When I do a ring like this, the entire thing is built around the stone itself, so each one is made from scratch and can only be set with that exact stone.



You can see I’m starting to block out a Buddhist wheel on the shank.  We have a lot of custom carving to do, so stay tuned.

Jason over at Custom Mala Shop has also just sold two more pieces featuring my custom silver skull and enso.  His work is just amazing.


I took in a few more horror films while working on a new batch of rings.  Evil Dead 1 and 2, Night Wish, Brain Dead, and Nightmare on Elm Street.  I also saw Goolies, which I really need to write about at length when I have time.  Gotta keep on truckin’ here and try to get this new batch of Hellions finished.  Also getting close on Jonathan’s Boss Voodoo.

More soon!

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