Boss evolving

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Based on Jonathan’s feedback, I’ve started blocking out the BOSS.



This is a long process, obviously.  The ring is massive – a size 14 – so we’re having to go a little bit wider with the face in order to pull it off.  You can see how it fits on  my finger thus far:

Looking massive, right?  The challenge is to keep this bad boy comfortable while keeping the shank as tall as possible.

You can see that the side view below isn’t quite working yet:

Why not?  Well mostly its the bottom jaw line.  Originally Jonathan had requested that it taper in a very similar way to the upper jaw.  At this point, though, you can see that it kind of destroys the “Jawness” of the piece.   The forehead and nose are also looking a little flat right now.

I’ll check in with the client and see what he thinks.  More to come. I’ve got a bit group of skull rings in the tumbler – a few nearly ready to ship.  Big update soon.

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