Like a Boss

Think we’re closing in on a final design for Jonathan’s Boss Voodoo.

Client’s been great with his feedback thus far so I’ve really had a lot to work with.  I’ve done a new run of sketches with a more balanced jaw-to-forehead ratio.  I’ve also started incorporating some secondary carving around the main image of the Psi.

That Psi is actually going to stand out as a dimensional object, so even though we’re adding some additional carving, it shouldn’t get swallowed up by all of the line.  We were torn between an organic, swirly type of ornamentation or a more Greek-like geometric form.  I’ve tried to combine the two here.

I really like the small mustache.  We’ll see if that makes it to the final design.  I think most skull rings are improved by mustaches.

What makes this even more interesting is that I’m talking to the client about adding gold pupils to the black onyx eyes.   I did another rough sketch that shows what I’m talking about.


This is the biggest and most elaborate skull ring I offer.  You can’t tell from the drawings, of course, but this f’ker is going to cover the entire first segment of the finger.  Jonathan, I hope your’e okay with that!  If not, let me know because the next step is wax-carving.