Jonathan’s Boss

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I’ve got a Boss Voodoo in the works for Jonathan.  This is the mother of all skull rings.  They are HUGE, completely custom made, and usually have gold teeth and gemstone eyes.



Again, I don’t do hollow skull rings, so you can imagine how solid and satisfying that bad-boy is to wear.

There are a lot of moving parts with rings like this.  We have SO many details to go over.  Basically what Jonathan wants is a BIG ring with a big thick shank.

The only thing we’ve discussed thus far is the incorporation of the Psi, the symbol for psychiatric study.


Cool thing about an image like this: it happens to be shaped very much like the center-line and forehead of a skull.  Preliminary sketches were easy:


Now this image uses the Psi in a very dominant way.  It completely defines the planes of the forehead and nose and doesn’t leave much room for a bottom jaw.

Jonathan’s feedback?

“That looks like ass.”

Well perhaps not that terse, but basically he said he digs the Psi, but wants it to be a little more conformed to the forehead area.  He also really wants a bottom jaw.  Here’s another stab at this:


That side-view drawing looks kinda funky due to foreshortening.  You’d think I’d be able to take a straight-on photograph.

What does the ring look like now?  A big block of wax.  No reason to rush a piece like this.  We’re going to do it just right.

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