Blackstone Complete


Tim’s Blackstone is finally finished and safe and sound in San Francisco.

I finished the cast this week and got to work on setting the stone, which took a while because of the rounded corners.  Proud to say I didn’t need any adhesive.  Elbow grease did the trick.

Best news of all was that Tim wanted a custom finish.  These are always a blast.  Anyway, the finished product is below:

Tim was very patient waiting for this bad boy.  He and I designed the entire ring together from scratch, so it took a while, but the results are great.  The ring is finished with a brushed metal look that really accentuates the hand-made qualities of the ring.  Most rings like this would be made by a machine nowadays.  Not this fella.

The side of the ring features a skull similar to that of my Death in the Desert turquoise ring.  The other side features a Buddhist wheel.

And the two sides are joined with a stylized femur bone and an “OM” text.  “Om” is hard to explain.  It’s a holy sound from Buddhism and Hinduism and has no direct translation into the English language.  Essentially it’s the sound of the universe.

Anyway, the result is great.  A full polish finish might have made this look more…well…polished…but that’s not what this ring is about.  It’s organic as hell and still perfectly balanced for comfortable wear.

Best thing is, the f’ker is fully custom.  You know how many of these exist? One.  And it belongs to Tim.  Still technically a skull ring, right?

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