The NEW Voodoo is coming

I started working on the new Big Voodoo ring at the American Craft Council’s giant shindig here in Atlanta.  I was invited to do a wax carving demo, so that’s what I did.   I took the opportunity to start the wax for the new line of Voodoo rings.  Some visitors were impressed.  Others…..well..not so much…

“what are you working on?”

“I’m making a skull ring.”

“….WOW, it’s going to be big, huh?  Will you hollow out the back?”

“I don’t make shit rings, lady.”

Most of you have already seen this kind of thing before, but why not see it again?  I’m going to keep the entire process on the blog this time.  You can see the straight bar of wax with the center hole above.  That’s where I start.  Then I bust out the file and start figuring out the sculptural planes of the skull.  I didn’t draw this one out first (didn’t draw the first Big Voodoo either)  I just sort of riff on what I see and what the light tells me to do.

Then from here, it’s detail time.  I’ll bust out a sharpy and try different eye-teeth-nose configurations until I get something that jumps out at me.

Now I’m not saying I’m going to discontinue the original Big Voodoo……..

..and I’m not saying I’m NOT going to discontinue it.   I really haven’t made up my mind.

Kind of thinking instead to make it like the McRib.  You know, bring it back every winter or something.

On the other hand, that’ s a real assholish thing to do, in my opinion.  I’m sitting at home right now wishing I had McRibs in my mouth and craving it like a goddamn crackhead.   I don’t want to withhold a perfectly good skull ring from clients just because I can.   What a dick move.

BUT if I were to discontinue the old Big Voodoo, it makes it more special for the clients who have already ordered them.  I’ve sold a shit-ton of them and most with some degree of really cool custom work.

Anyway, stay tuned for more progress on the new Voodoo line.  I’ll probably come up with some kind of half-assed contest to give away the first couple for free or something.