Rescue ring is finally finished…..almost

So Jillian’s ring is almost done.  I’ve finished the ring, in fact.  Just  a few detail points I want to go over with her.

First of all, to keep the weight own I actually put a scalloped effect in the top of the shank.  You can see what I mean here:

This is just to keep the ring from weighing too much.  Jillian has teeny-tiny fingers and to make the entire top of the ring solid would result in some serious mass.  So this scalloped effect, while it looks cool, was really a comfort thing.   But now that it’s done, I’m getting some ideas.  Stupid or brilliant: I can’t tell.  Like what if I actually set the dog’s hair into that area?

Like I said…..stupid or clever?

Next is the blue lace agate stones.  These are some extremely pale blue stones that we selected because they match the color of her dog’s eyes.  Against the silver, they appear very white.  I think the color matches the eyes just fine, but they sure are WHITE.  I want to make sure Jillian is cool with something this pale or if she’d rather go for a deeper blue like turquoise or something.

If the eyes look bugged-out here it’s because I haven’t set them yet.

Anyway, shoot me an email, Jillian and let me know.  We’re literally an hour or two away from finishing.