Jillian has small fingers

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Working on the wax for Jillian’s ring.  She’s a size 6.  I don’t have a Big Voodoo Frame that small, so I’m actually carving a smaller wax sleeve to fit INSIDE the shank of the Big Voodoo frame so it will fit right.


Exciting right?

Luckily Jillian’s vision for the ring is really great so this will get much more engaging, interesting, and fun once I get to the actual details.  This is the kind of work, though, that too often is overlooked by the shittier skullsmiths out there.  This is an issue of comfort.  Sure, I could have pinched a wax down to a size six or even cast a larger size, cut the shank and re-solder it to a size six.  But that’s crap silversmithing.  Nothing is more comfortable than a ring that is CAST as one piece.  That’s what we’re doing with this puppy.  This slows down the process, but the dividends are fantastic.  Plus, considering this ring actually has a lifespan of about 500,000 years, an extra week taken to make it more comfortable for the first owner is a small thing.

Jillian’s also sent me some fur from her dog that I’m going to set behind the gemstones in the eyes.  More on that later.


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  1. Thank you for taking so much time on this piece, Matt. I wouldn’t have even known to ask about casting it as one piece. My carnie hands and I appreciate your attention to detail, down to comfortable wear!

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