New Website is Finally Here

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Thanks to my man Mason, my new site at is finally live.

Many of you following my blog this past year have heard me talking about it and I’m pleased to report that we’re not only finally live with a new site, but the site is accessible on smart-phones.

Now I don’t want to hear it.  Yes, some of my pieces are going up in price.  Why?  Because they are immensely popular and given that the brand is worth more (along with the silver itself) the value is simply higher than it was before.   The good news is that other pieces are going DOWN in price.  The King Skull, for example, is going to remain at its current sale price.  At least for now.  I’ve had a wave of orders for them and I’m thinking I’ve found the sweet spot.

I have a few new items for sale as well.  The Mystery Cave has finally made an appearance.  I expect this one to be popular.  Pictured below is a Mystery Cave with a gunmetal finish.  This ring was originally designed for notable game designer John Sharp.  His punk sensibility mixed with the general playfulness that all game designers have  was the inspiration for this puppy.

Swing by and check out the new digs.  I’ve got a few new projects coming down the pipe that should be very interesting, so stay tuned.

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