My Youngest Client

That’s me and my youngest client.  I’m serious.  He got a skull necklace for his belated 2nd birthday.  He lives in Hong Kong so I was able to deliver the piece in person.  Going to be a great MMA fighter someday.



I’ve known Bill since he was born, practically  (I’m pals with his mom and dad.)  Dude is really smart.  I mean really.

Every parent says that.  “Oh my kid’s so f’ing smart and so f’ing talented.”  The reality, of course, is that most kids are freakin’ morons.  All you have to do is look around you at the adults that are in your life.  How many of them would you actually call “smart?”  Guess what?  They were stupid as shit when they were kids.  Not Bill.  This kid is strong as hell and very, very sharp.  Not in a “this kid’s gonna know what the inside of trashcans look like in school” kind of way, but more of a cerebral real-world intelligence which is the only kind that’s really valuable.

Not a surprise.  His mother is an amazing artist who’s been working in the unforgivable realm of new media for quite some time.  His father is a former astro-physicist who became a photographer (you know…what we USED to call new media.)   Both exhibit around the world and mirror Bill’s display of physical prowess and mental agility with equally intimidating yet totally humble grace.

At any rate, I’m glad to know Bill and hope he does my necklace proud.  Every few years I’ll try and snap another shot of Bill with his silver gear on.