ITGM is Finally Finished

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Took some time, but I’ve finished the ITGM rings for the graduating 2011 game design group.  They look splendid, if I do say so myself.  In fact, I had to take a ton of photos to try to show exactly what the ring was.

If you’ve read the earlier posts on this, you know that the centerpiece of the ring was a d-20.  I’ve created that d-20 in silver and made it dark gunmetal against the hi-polish finish of the rest of the ring.  The overall shape of the ring is ancient.  Its like a modernized medieval ring.

Its big, but still comfy.

Teeth from the skulls on either side wrap all the way around the shank.

Anyway, hope the fellas dig it.  For those of you who didn’t order one who want one after seeing how badass it is.  (First of all, shame on you for doubting)  Just email me and put your order in.  Remember I’m only charging cost of materials on this one.  You’re just starting out and the last thing you need is to drop 800 bucks on a ring.

Just remember this when you’re rich as hell and I’m still scraping by.   But seriously, congrats.  Go get ’em.

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