@ibogost and Cow Clicker


Ian’s ring is finally finished.  This one was epic.  A very, very tough design to adapt into a dimensional sculpture, let alone one that can be worn…let alone one that can be worn COMFORTABLY.

I actually finished this ring a few days ago, but when you pay for a totally original sculpt like Ian has (absolute top of the line, as far as custom work goes.  Hand-carved to one’s exact specs from a block of wax) that comes with the right to see it before anyone else does.

I was tending towards brushed metal for a finish, but once I’d put the hi-polish on it, I’changed my mind.  Hopefully it pleases.

2 thoughts on “@ibogost and Cow Clicker

    • You’d dig Ian’s site, actually. Cow Clicker was created as ironic commentary on the whole Farmville MafiaWars thing. Literally all you do is click a cow over and over again.

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