Getting back to it.

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No real images to post yet, but the Cow Clicker AND Shawn’s Big Voodoo are almost ready.  I’ve been in Hong Kong on business and I’m chomping at the bit to get back to work.

When I’m in HK, I don’t stay in Central – which is essentially the glitzy Manhattanesque district where you can buy Gucci and Vutton and a whole slew of overpriced silver jewelry like Yurman.  I stay in Sham Shui Po.  Which looks more like this:

Every morning on the side of the road outside of my hotel was a pig.  That’s right.  A split pig just laying there with a pile of intestines by his feet.   This is why I love Kowloon.  No pretense.  Need pork for the breakfast rush?  No problem, asshole, we’ll have your pig at your place before you get in for the morning prep.

Pig at 8am

Pig at 10:30am. My usual breakfast soup.

Pork and tripe soup for breakfast with coffee was the result.  I’m always the only idiot in these joints drinking hot coffee in 100 degree heat because I’m usually the only idiot in these joints that isn’t Cantonese.  For lunch, I see this fella I’ve dubbed the “Chicken Master.”  In the mornings he bicycles over to his food stand with about 4 dead chickens draped over the front of his handlebars.  He chops them, BBQs them in some kind of spicy sauce that tastes what I imagine a Chuck Norris jumpkick tasting like.  The result is a lunch like this, which clocks in at about 5 bucks.

The Chinese really have their jewelry together.  Aside from the usual Buddhist prayer beads, the dudes (especially in the gym) were rockin’ the chunky silver.  That’s right, they even work out in it, which I love.  There’s cheap silver for sale in the markets in Jordan and more expensive but visually inferior shit for sale in Central and TST.  The jade market is thriving and as you can guess, the stuff is everywhere.  Speaking of gyms, I hit an old-school Chinese gym when I was there and I wanted to post a picture of this thing.  Deal is: older Hong Kongese use this to build up shoulder and arm strength.  No resistance here, you just pull the rope back and forth on the pully.  Good luck with that……


At any rate, more pics coming soon.  I took Frank out for some good eats and want to get those pics up.  Pics of Shawn and Ian’s rings as well in the next week.

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  1. Loved HK. Really want to go back some day. Even in SF I can’t find anything quite like the CocaCola Awning place.

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