Four Horsemen finalized

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Skulls for Sandro, Jimmy, Michael P, and Dave are finished.   I’ve got all of the shots below.

This first one is for Dave.  Like I said, he’s in bio-medicine and that shape on the forehead is supposed to be an anti-body.

Dave's King Skull

Then there was Sandro, who wanted the infinity helix.  The shape of the ring is all about the infinite anyway.  That’s supposedly the whole thing with wedding bands, right?  They’re a circle – an unending line.  So I took that stupid metaphor and added the sun and moon to it to make it a little more badass.

Sandro's King.

Then it was on to Michael’s skull.  New Orleans folks are lucky.  They’ve got the whole city to fall back on when they need imagery.  For Michael it was an obvious choice.  What you can’t see here is the longitude and latitude of New Orleans that I carved on the shank.

Crescent City Skull

And then we finished up with my favorite.  This was for Jimmy.  It’s TCB (Taking care of business.)

Jimmy's TCB Skull.

And here they are all together…that’s over 3500 bucks worth of custom work right there.

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